Why choose custom window treatments rather than ready-made? Only custom window treatments give you precise fit in your window opening, which not only looks but insulates better. Only custom window treatments let you choose, at no cost, important details like left or right side cord placement. Only custom window treatments let you create a showpiece panel up to 12 feet tall and 15 feet wide. From window blinds, to shades, to curtains, to shutters, only custom does all of that, and at Alton Bay Blinds & Shutters, custom window treatments are all that we do. Honeycomb Shades are our best-insulating window coverings, offering all-season energy savings. Choose them also for sleek, modern style and unsurpassed quality; our cellular Honeycomb Shades have the look and feel of fabric + even coloration that won’t fade in full-sun locations. Top and bottom rails are wrapped in your Honeycomb Shade’s fabric, with a white backside for uniform street side appearance. The hexagonal cell shape of these cellular window coverings traps air in an insulating layer between your room and the outdoors, so you’ll enjoy lower heating bills in winter, less AC use in summer. Honeycomb Shades combine the insulation benefits of cellular shades with the enhanced view of a pleated sheer shade. While beautiful on their own in any room, Honeycomb Shades are an inspired first layer under Drapery, a Fabric Valance or Cornice. Honeycomb shades have hundreds of styles and colors.