If you’re seeking maximum light control, window blinds are your smartest window covering choice. That’s because blinds – whether constructed from wood, faux wood, or other materials - may be operated two different ways to let in as much, or little, light as you desire: you can raise them for a full view, or lower them for complete privacy; or you can swivel the slats to fine-tune the amount of light coming into your windows. Our Blinds offer these same advantages, plus the extra energy-saving benefits of honeycomb cell construction. And like all custom window coverings, our window blinds are crafted to fit your windows precisely. So they don’t just look better than off-the-shelf styles, they insulate better as well! Wood Blinds bring the quality and craftsmanship of fine furniture or hardwood flooring to your windows. Design custom Wooden Blinds in your choice of rich stains, including new Vintage finishes with the beautifully weathered look so popular in today’s decorating trends, plus twelve shades of white. Our Wood Blinds are custom-crafted of premium hardwood to your exact specifications, and may be enhanced with a variety of decorative and functional upgrades. The tilting slats of these wooden Horizontal Blinds provide superior light control, and our premium wood Window Blinds also insulate and reduce outside noise. For fashion flair and an interesting mix of textures, layer a fabric treatment – Drapery, a Fabric Valance or Upholstered Cornice – over Wood Blinds.